Oaxaca Spanish Language School - Amigos del Sol Language School - Oaxaca, Mexico


We would like to thank our students from all over the world who have studied at Amigos del Sol since 1998.

We are grateful for your support and enthusiasm.

Here are reviews from our most recent students:

( January - May ) 2018

This year, we´ve been so happy having very nice people from:

England, Switzerland, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, USA, France, Sweden, Denmark and Belgium.

Last year, we really enjoyed having very nice people from:

Norway, Thailand, Hungary, New Zealand, Italy, Singapore, Bulgaria, England, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, USA, Denmark, Belgium, Japan, Finland, China, Germany, Sweden, Philippines, France, Switzerland, Turkey and South Korea.

University of UTAH

Our week at Amigos del Sol was great! We learned a lot because we were able to decide what we wanted to study. The classes were well-paced, interesting and fun. We asked for homework each night and helped design our assignments to be most useful for us. We recommend this school!

Kristina Isberg
Peter Fenezic
52 years old
50 years old
Email available upon request

Fantastic and enthusiastic instruction. I´m amazed how much I learned in only 7 days. I hope to return soon!

Mark Oghalai
44 years old
Oral and maxillofacial surgeon

Coming into classes with a basic level of Spanish, I was warmly greeted by experienced teachers. They adjusted every lesson to best support and improve my learning. Additionally, learning environments at Amigos del Sol are confortable and provide to all needs. In only 1 week, I feel my Spanish has improved drastically. Muchas gracias, Amigos del Sol!

Linh Phan
27 years old
Email available upon request

It´s a treat to study Spanish at Amigos del Sol. The teachers are fabulous, making the learning process fun. Classes are tiny so students get lots of intensive training, but the friendly laid-back atmosphere makes students look forward to their next day of school!

Donna Miles
59 years old
Email available upon request

We love Oaxaca and we love Amigos del Sol. This is our third year and are already planning to return next year. All of the teachers are very friendly and accomodating and will structure classes to meet your needs. With very small classes you can expect lots of one on one. I can´t recommend them enough.

Bill Miles
Email available upon request

The teachers are patient with your language acquisition process. They wait for you to form your response in Spanish. The school is easily accessible by bus or walking in San Felipe. Rogelio and his teachers are very acommodating and friendly. I would highly recommend this school to anyone.

James Elliott
26 years old
Email available upon request